Reduce Costs and Enhance Security with Intapp Risk & Compliance Cloud Suite

Migrating to the cloud offers an abundance of benefits for firms, from reduced costs to enhanced security, access, and mobility. The Intapp Risk & Compliance cloud suite, however, goes above and beyond what most cloud-based risk management tools can provide. Intapp Risk & Compliance uses AI-based software to provide professionals the solutions they need throughout the entire client lifecycle — all within the safety of the Intapp Secure Cloud.

Learn more about the benefits of using Intapp Risk & Compliance and discover how your firm can turn risk and compliance management into a competitive advantage. Be sure to also check out our previous post to learn more about the benefits of migrating to the cloud.

Comprehensive Cloud Solutions

Intapp Risk & Compliance in the cloud supports firms’ processes and data across the client lifecycle, including:

  • Client evaluation
  • Business acceptance
  • Conflicts clearance
  • Client terms management

Robust Best Practices for Risk

When developing our products, Intapp leverages industry best practices, significant internal risk expertise, extensive client feedback, and risk-focused research. Intapp Risk & Compliance includes risk-related best practices, built right into the software. By leveraging the power of the continuous upgrades in the cloud, you can have confidence that you’re keeping up with the latest practices and prepare to more easily meet the risk-mitigation needs of both your clients and your firm.

Native Integration with Intapp

Intapp Risk & Compliance is part of Intapp, the first and only connected firm management solution, providing personalized insights and AI-driven recommendations that drive business outcomes. Built from the ground up for the unique needs of partner-driven organizations, Intapp unifies the client lifecycle from strategy through origination and execution.

The Intapp Risk & Compliance cloud suite includes the following interoperable products:

  • Intapp Conflicts leverages AI and predictive modeling to accelerate and manage the conflicts resolution process
  • Intapp Intake automates manual intake processes, provides insights to improve decision-making and value assessments of business acceptance, and helps streamline management of business acceptance
  • Intapp Terms centralizes and streamlines storing, categorizing, and approval-routing of client mandates

The interoperability of Intapp solutions increases efficiency and reduces risks. Users can proactively enforce key terms within both Intapp Intake and Intapp Conflicts, for example, or integrate with other Intapp solutions like Intapp Time to facilitate the enforcement of billing terms at time of entry. Additionally, as part of the Intapp platform, Intapp Risk & Compliance offers native integration with Intapp Integration Service to enable interoperability between your firm’s software and applications.

Consistent, Cloud-Based Reporting

The Intapp Risk & Compliance cloud suite includes embedded Sisense reporting, ensuring a consistent user experience and robust self-service capabilities. This powerful business intelligence and analytics tool — available exclusively with Intapp solutions deployed in the cloud — provides firms with administrative reports, productivity insights, new matter onboarding metrics and trends, conflicts clearance efficiency analysis, and other mission-critical risk-related intelligence.

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