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The modern dealmaker’s secret weapon

If you were taking a crash course in M&A or private equity, or if you spoke with a professional in the industry, you’d likely hear all about “the importance of business development.” In fact, the term “business development” has become so commonly used in the market that it’s almost taken on a life of its own. In the capital markets industry, business development is comprised of any effort used to drum up dealflow, or new investment opportunities. The exact methods used to achieve those ends, however, vary greatly firm to firm.

One method that was overlooked for years is marketing. Many professionals in the industry saw it as irrelevant, ineffective, or simply a distraction from the relationship development activities dealmakers are so accustomed to. But the tides are changing, with an increasing number of firms investing formally in a dedicated marketing, communications, and/or investor relations professional to support the business development function with smart, tactical marketing campaigns.

The potential return on marketing investment for a capital markets firm is high, but we know the initial investment and time and resources can be daunting for some. In this article, we outline several commonly-held goals that deal teams have for a marketing program, and what they should consider while developing and implementing it using the DealCloud Dispatch solution.

Goal: To broadly market an investment theme or market segmentation campaign

Once an industry coverage/analysis thought leadership piece has been written and published by a senior investment professional (example: “The use of 5G Technology in Wearable Devices”), it’s time to share it with key relationships. Your team has likely spent hours on the piece, and it’s a valuable channel for showcasing your firm’s expertise.

Goal: To set up meetings in advance of attending a conference

Goal: To prepare for investor meetings and roadshows

For investor relations and marketing professionals at capital markets firms, managing annual and/or quarterly investor meetings is a huge undertaking. It’s also a responsibility that must be executed in a sophisticated and thoughtful fashion. With a marketing solution that’s integrated with your CRM, you can share event details with key contacts, collect RSVPs, and set up meetings.

If you’re looking to boost your firm’s digital presence and execute on smart and strategic marketing campaigns, be sure to check out DealCloud Dispatch: the integrated marketing solution built for the capital markets.