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Sourcing, relationship management complexities, and the new normal for dealmakers

The way dealmakers source deals and manage relationships has been forced to evolve as the deal landscape continues to change amid the new normal of the global pandemic. With the new normal, trends have emerged on both the buy-side and the sell-side that are shaping the way dealmakers are sourcing deals and managing relationships.

One trend that has emerged on the buy-side is the increased reliance on intermediaries. Intermediaries are a value-added partner in sourcing deals, which can save time for firms and create a more efficient deal sourcing processes. While the industry has largely relied on proprietary deals to power their pipeline, the new normal demands that all relevant sourcing channels be exercised. Another deal sourcing trend that existed before but has become more important now more than ever is forming relationships with entrepreneurs before they go to market. This prepares dealmakers to be top-of-mind once the deal becomes available.

On the sell-side, sponsor coverage and processes have become more targeted than they have been historically. As the ability to travel to meet different contacts at companies has decreased, many dealmakers are missing the human interaction when forming relationships with clients. To help solve for this challenge, dealmakers are conducting “virtual tours” in cities that they would normally be visiting in person and meeting with clients in those cities. This helps the sellers remain in close contact with their clients and see how their strategies have evolved.

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