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Three benefits of using pipeline management and automated data entry tools

Capital markets professionals specifically young associates dedicate an inordinate amount of time to performing menial work, such as manual data entry and report generation. This leads to burnout and decreased productivity. As capital markets firms push to maximize the efforts of their individuals to produce more deals, many professionals are recognizing the need to invest in automated data entry tools. 

According to a McKinsey & Company report, around 50% of work tasks are technically automatable by adapting existing technologies. By implementing pipeline management software with automated data entry capabilities, firms can rest assured that their team’s efforts will be focused and intentional rather than time-consuming or tedious. Discover how leveraging pipeline management and automated data entry technology can help you save time and promote productivity. 

Strengthen Your Connections and Source Opportunities Using Relationship Intelligence

Relationship maintenance and management is a critical — albeit overwhelming and time-consuming —necessity for capital markets firms. Rather than manually updating your CRM every time you interact with a connection, you can save time by using Intapp DealCloud’s Relationship Intelligence solution. 

Using DealCloud’s Microsoft Outlook add-in or Gmail add-in to connect your email activity to your pipeline management solution, you can centrally store and organize key information within a single source of truth. The CRM automatically updates all email interactions, attachments, and meetings without requiring manual entry or explanation. Most importantly, AI and predictive insights automatically tag these activities to each dealmaker’s relevant deals, people, companies, and initiatives. 

To maximize the use of these connections, DealCloud passively harvests metadata from emails and interactions to establish relationship scores based on the volume, regency, and type of engagement each connection receives. By configuring the firm’s CRM to produce these scores, professionals no longer have to manually review and determine the health of a relationship. Instead, professionals can quickly identify strong connections, produce new opportunities, and nurture at-risk connections. 

Above is an example of what Relationship Intelligence looks like in DealCloud.  

Focus on Results and Save Time with Automated Reports 

In addition to managing relationships, professionals must also consistently pull and update reports and analytics. DealCloud minimizes time spent on reporting and analytics by letting users create their own templated reports. You can easily create these reports with a single click or generate them automatically at a frequency of your choosing. 

Users can build reports, such as deal tear sheets, and schedule them to be delivered to the appropriate inboxes at a predetermined cadence. If a deal needs to be closely watched, users can request to automatically receive updates whenever a change occurs, allowing contributors to remain on the same page and easily track new information. 

Similarly, if a relationship score drops significantly, a standard report can surface that insight. By leveraging automated data entry and capture, firms will have the level of transparency and ease needed to focus on results and outcomes rather than report generation. 

When Atlantic Street Capital implemented DealCloud to automate its reporting, the firm saved as much as 10 hours per week and could reallocate this time to other business initiatives. 

Before working with DealCloud, much of our data was kept and maintained in Microsoft Excel. This led to many manual processes and workflows that took hours out of our week — time that we could have spent elsewhere. DealCloud has allowed us to better collaborate, streamline mission-critical workflows, and use data and metrics to track and optimize our efforts.

Users can customize automated tear sheets using the above options. 

Connect Your Tech Stack and Build a Single Source of Truth

When firms store third-party data across multiple systems, professionals often waste time toggling between windows or endlessly copying and pasting information. As hybrid work environments become the norm for capital markets firms, organizations need to feel confident that individuals can easily access third-party software, and that the software will provide proper data optimization and streamline information into the CRM. 

DataCortex, an integrated data solution, lets dealmakers manage both proprietary and third-party data from providers such as FactSet, PitchBook, and SourceScrub. Using DataCortex, users no longer have to bounce from screen to screen, manually entering data into their pipeline management solution. Instead, professionals can easily run complex reports, analyze industry trends, and manage relationships all within a single solution. 

When NGP Energy Capital Management adopted DealCloud, the firm found DataCortex made a major impact in terms of optimizing workflows and saving time. 

DealCloud has proven to be an immediate and impactful tool and resource for NGP. The ease of user adoption and customization greatly expanded the use of a central CRM system throughout the organization. The robust bulk contact management, report creation, and DataCortex integration tools have streamlined several of our legacy processes. With every release, the product continues to improve, giving us additional ways to leverage the platform and improve firm communication and insight.


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