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Three ways to track real estate investments more effectively 

In today’s rapidly changing real estate investment market, real estate investors must plan several steps ahead to ensure that they’ll be able to meet their clients’ evolving needs. Real estate firms must keep a mindful eye on emerging market trends and use best-in-class technology to truly gain an edge in this competitive industry. 

Migrating to a modern deal management platform is critical to a firm’s success. For example, Sterling Organization, a vertically integrated private equity real estate firm, previously used a single Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to manage its entire pipeline report and deal database. However, this operating model — quite common across the real estate investment management space — limited the firm’s ability to efficiently collaborate and analyze data. Realizing they needed an industry-leading pipeline management platform built with real estate professionals in mind, Sterling Organization leaders implemented Intapp DealCloud

DealCloud has helped Sterling Organization automate reports, improve collaboration, and streamline its deal management process, housing all relevant information within a single source of truth. Discover how DealCloud can help real estate investors like Sterling Organization track their investments more effectively. 

Customize Dashboards and Streamline Pipeline Management 

Prior to implementing DealCloud, Sterling Organization managed its entire pipeline within a single spreadsheet that only one individual at a time could edit. This severely inhibited dealmakers’ ability to provide real-time updates and collaborate with team members. As the firm’s deal volume increased, the spreadsheet grew to an unmanageable level. Microsoft Excel ran slowly or even crashed when individuals attempted to access the spreadsheet, contributing to slower deal execution. 

Once Sterling Organization implemented DealCloud, pipeline management processes were finally streamlined within a single source of truth. Sterling Organization created more than 130 customized DealCloud dashboards, allowing for more granular views of complex real estate transactions. The firm imported more than 5,000 prior pipeline deals into DealCloud, which their teams can filter and view, improving visibility and transparency for the dealmakers at the firm. 

A Real Estate Investment Pipeline within DealCloud 
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  DealCloud’s filtering capabilities help real estate professionals keep a watchful eye on deals from multiple points of view. Maps, for example, let users visualize the status and geographic location of each deal — a far more advanced capability than what Microsoft Excel offers. 

A Map of Real Estate Investments within DealCloud 
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Automate Reporting and React in Real Time 

One of the major downfalls of operating out of an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is the inability to receive real-time updates on complex real estate investments as they move through the pipeline. Professionals manually input data, taking time and increasing the chance of errors, to create updated reports. 

DealCloud lets Sterling Organization create custom pipeline reports that users can automatically generate at the cadence of their choosing, eliminating the need to manually pull data for weekly syncs and reports. This saves the firm as much as 5 hours of work per week, letting professionals re-allocate their time to other key initiatives. 

Custom analytics dashboards also let firms view multiple points of data at a glance. By leveraging these dashboards, professionals can focus entirely on results rather than generation during pipeline meetings. 

An Analytics Dashboard for Real Estate Investments within DealCloud 
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Firms can also integrate third-party data into the DealCloud platform, letting dealmakers centralize their data providers within one solution. Real estate investment professionals can access third-party data from sources such as . Investors can also view maps via the DealCloud Esri integration to include U.S. geological data attributes, including total population, occupancy, and median income, letting them visualize all relevant information on a region from a bird’s-eye view. 

DealCloud’s Esri Integration Lets Users Easily View Maps of Properties 
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Access and Execute on Deals from Anywhere 

Real estate investments often keep Sterling Organization’s teams on the road touring both prospective and current properties. Previously, professionals had to wait to update the spreadsheet until they could manually update the report on a desktop computer. 

Now, Sterling Organization teams use the DealCloud Mobile App to keep pertinent deal and relationship data at their fingertips while prospecting and checking on clients. Dealmakers no longer need to wait for weekly pipeline meetings to provide the most up-to-date client information; instead, they can access reporting and add vital property information straight from their smartphones

A Property Update within the DealCloud Mobile App 
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Jordan Fried, Principal at Sterling Organization, said: “With DealCloud’s cloud-based mobile application, team members can conveniently access information anytime and anyplace, which has meaningfully enhanced our communication and efficiency, particularly when out of office.” 

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