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Transform in-house legal operations with Microsoft 365

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Organizations around the world are looking to digitally transform their in-house legal operations in 2022. By doing so, organizations hope to achieve various goals, including:

  • Delivering and showcasing their tangible value to the business
  • Coping with changing or increasing workloads
  • Managing risk
  • Optimizing collaboration and knowledge management as remote and hybrid working models continue to evolve

Naturally, firm general counsel and legal ops leaders want to achieve these results without operational upheaval or excessive costs — and ideally, they would like a solution that also eliminates the need for extensive IT, security, and compliance vetting.

Luckily, most firms already have the solution to accomplish these goals — and your firm likely does, too. Learn how you can leverage your current Microsoft 365 investment to successfully transform your legal ops team and meet your goals.

Leverage Microsoft 365 as your enterprise-wide DX enabler

Historically, legal professionals have used their own niche tools and repositories to meet specific requirements regarding matter management. Now, though, more firm leaders are realizing that in an enterprise environment, boundaries between legal teams and the businesses they serve need to be seamless.

Microsoft 365 has emerged as the optimal platform for transforming legal ops in a corporate setting. Microsoft 365 is currently the default suite for most Fortune 100 companies, so many legal ops professionals already have access to — and are familiar with — the platform. If your firm already leverages Microsoft 365, then your IT department has already established the necessary provisions and clearances for security and information compliance, eliminating a huge hurdle normally associated with new IT projects.

One of the greatest benefits of Microsoft 365 is that all its applications, functions, and features continue to be the subject of vast ongoing investment from Microsoft. This ensures that the organizations and business functions that harness the platform for day-to-day content and process management have a clear path to the latest smart capabilities. We highly recommend checking out Microsoft tools like Power BI, Power Automate, and Viva Topics, which provide real-time analytics, insights, smart workflow automation, and advanced knowledge management.

Build on your dynamic foundation with Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal

To address the needs of the previously underserved corporate legal ops market, Intapp has developed Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal, a fit-for-purpose solution that works natively within existing Microsoft 365 applications to deliver in-house legal use cases. Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal — part of the Intapp Collaboration & Content suite — can help your firm with:

  • New instruction intake, triage, and allocation
  • Enhanced document drafting, reviewing, and automation
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Matter lifecycle management
  • Matter insights and analytics

By leveraging organizations’ existing investments in Microsoft 365, Intapp can help your corporate legal division deliver more value and transform corporate legal functions so that they can perform at their best — without having to reinvent long-proven processes or adapt to new, unfamiliar systems.

Best of all, our Microsoft 365–based SaaS solution was developed collaboratively with in-house legal professionals, so its capabilities are optimized for corporate legal application. Unlike many other document- and matter-management solutions, Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal was created first and foremost for law firms and enterprise legal ops, and it provides intuitive and collaborative matter lifecycle management designed specifically for in-house legal teams.

Make your Microsoft 365 investment go further

Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal is proof of our commitment to our strategy: to help new markets with purpose-built solutions and tools that help businesses maximize the value of their Microsoft platform investments. Why limit your legal team’s potential? Combine the power of Intapp and Microsoft today.

Read our e-book to learn more about Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal.

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