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Inside Intapp Spotlight: Meet Warrick McDowell, Manager of Software Engineering at Intapp

Before Warrick McDowell joined Intapp in 2017 as a technical lead, he and his manager discussed McDowell’s goal of becoming an engineering manager. McDowell’s manager supported his ambition and eventually gave McDowell more people-management responsibilities in addition to his technical work. After Intapp acquired Intapp in 2019, McDowell continued to find support toward his career pursuits.

“My manager and I created a growth path for the next 6 to 9 months, when more product groups will come under my manager’s guidance,” McDowell said. “I’ll be able to start owning the responsibilities of managing a product group. My HR business partner has also been very helpful navigating the different paths and options, creating structure, and helping us work through the details.”

McDowell, who now serves as Manager of Software Engineering, has chosen to remain at Intapp due to the company’s supportive atmosphere. He’s also found that he’s been able to bring his authentic self to work, something he greatly values.

“I need to feel like I can express myself and be my own person,” McDowell revealed. “If I can’t do that, it takes too much emotional energy to come to work every day. Working with my team at Intapp allows me to have that energy balance. It keeps things positive and makes me want to stay here.”

Creating Technology and Managing Teams

Part of McDowell’s job revolves around, as he puts it, “consuming technology, making it my own, and putting it back into the world with my thumbprint on it.” One of his favorite projects so far has been the integration of Intapp products and DealCloud, where he had to manage both onshore and offshore development teams.

“I really enjoyed the problem solving, unblocking, and coding with new technology to fully integrate our Intapp product with the entire DealCloud platform,” McDowell said. “It was not easy by any means, but it was fun because of the people I worked with.”

McDowell credits his team’s success to their ability to communicate openly and honestly with one another. He not only loves working with his team, but also enjoys helping his team grow and supporting his teammates throughout their careers, just as his own manager supported him.

“As a manager, I’m a part of someone else’s story,” McDowell explained. “I want them to come out much stronger than when they came in.”

Weathering the Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Intapp quickly switched to a remote work culture to ensure the safety of its employees. McDowell noted that this transition was extremely successful and even beneficial for him and his team.

“The remote culture of Intapp is very good,” McDowell said. “As long as I’m producing my work and communicating effectively with my group and team, it doesn’t hinder my career path or growth at all. It actually enhances it, because we’re able to do what’s best for our families and keep our lives in balance. This allows me to put that extra energy into the company and my work.”

Intapp has taken many steps to ensure its employees feel safe and supported during this difficult time, including offering an additional company holiday each month.

“What mattered most to me was knowing how Intapp treated others in the company and how our leaders dealt with everyone’s questions and worries,” McDowell shared. “The positive message and support Intapp sent to the entire company was important.”

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