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How leading financial services firms are using API solutions to create efficiencies

Having all of the relevant data points in a single source of truth when evaluating a potential opportunity would save deal teams crucial time and energy. As the evaluation progresses, the ability to monitor continually changing information would also ensure accuracy. But traditionally, data in many cases has been siloed across different platforms, requiring private capital investors to re-input critical information and risk making mistakes.


This issue has been addressed with a best-of-breed platform created by it|venture and supported by DealCloud and Cobalt. Called the Connect Platform, this solution allows investors to move essential information between different data interfaces. It also provides real-time updates and transparency across the entire deal flow lifecycle.


To better understand how the platform works, Hank Boggio, Chief Commercial Officer for Cobalt, recently hosted a webinar titled Integrating Best-in-Class Private capital Platforms along with Emmanuel Mesa, Chief Solutions Architect for DealCloud, Andrew Edelman, Director for Cobalt, and Robert Cartledge, Manager at it|venture. The group went through the ins and outs of the API solution, Connect Platform, including how it works, the issues it resolves, and the benefits offered within the private capital ecosystem. Below are a few highlights from that demonstration.


To start, Robert led a discussion on the current setbacks in data management across the deal flow lifecycle. While investors should be able to view all relevant information quickly and accurately – such as the stage of a deal, geography, sector, and up-to-date, relevant data – this traditionally has not been available. On top of this, data collection issues arise as a result of users not engaging with the systems they have and not inputting data where it is most useful. This limits the potential benefits that data can offer. Beyond the deal making evaluation process, the value that users find in DealCloud’s platform could be enhanced if data were carried over to the portfolio monitoring stage offered by Cobalt.


The Connect Platform addresses these concerns head on. For example, when investors are evaluating opportunities and collecting information in the pre-deal phase, they can then draw on that same dataset, with information updated in real-time, when they aim to close a deal. Data does not have to be re-entered due to Cobalt’s performance monitoring platform, which provides users with all of the context they need on one single interface. Once deal information is entered via DealCloud, an ID is assigned that will keep all details for that deal in the same place.


When users have all the information they need, the Connect Platform allows them to better monitor performance metrics among the deals they are considering. They can determine in real-time how companies are performing, the number of deals currently under consideration, which have been closed, and how exposure to certain sectors or regions has shifted as a result.


Lastly, once a team’s deal information has been inputted, the investors gain access to Cobalt’s portfolio monitoring and reporting platform. Customizable reports can be created for internal or external viewing, allowing the user to determine which specific data points to include based on preference and intended audience.


Our collaboration with Cobalt and it|venture on the Connect Platform demonstrates how we offer the best experience for private capital investors and improve their day-to-day decisions. This platform will save countless work hours and ensure accuracy for the private capital investors who embrace it.


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