Intapp updates 2022: Innovation for the future

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Intapp has changed and grown so much over the last few years. In 2018 and 2019, we acquired DealCloud and Intapp, respectively. In 2021, we launched our initial public offering, and we acquired and worked with Repstor to create Intapp Collaboration & Content. And so far this year, we’ve announced our strategic partnership with Microsoft, and acquired Billstream (relabeled as Intapp Billstream) to help firms streamline their prebill processes.

We’re proud of our company’s growth — and we also know that our journey is far from over. Intapp understands that constant innovation is essential for long-term success, and we know that our clients depend on us to provide them with technology to help them navigate the ever-evolving professional services industries.

“Intapp started as an integration company, helping different on-premises business applications speak to one another,” said Mary Beth Hernandez, Managing Director of Professional Services at Intapp, during the Intapp company update at ILTACON 2022. “But now, 20 years later, we offer an industry-focused platform in the cloud that powers the connected firm through solutions that connect our firms’ processes, people, and data.”

Warren Knowles, Vice President of Product Management at Intapp, explained how leaders at Intapp recognized early on that all firms would eventually migrate to the cloud — and he described how they prepared to get ahead of the game.

“We started to think about how we were going to move Intapp to the cloud,” Knowles said. “When firms had to make that decision to move to the cloud, how were we going to be ready?”

Intapp realized that the best solution was to help clients move toward a connected firm strategy, and to provide them with cloud-based tools that could connect their people, processes, and data in a single source of truth. All Intapp solutions are built on our industry cloud-based Intapp Platform, which offers a set of highly scalable, purpose-built, and secure cloud-based services and capabilities:

  • A core CRM functionality and front-office capabilities for both marketing and business development teams, as well as practice leaders and lawyers
  • Intapp Collaboration & Content, which allows lawyers to work using the Microsoft tools that they’re used to — especially Microsoft Office 365, Teams, and SharePoint — and bring that data back into the firm’s core platform and systems for a “single pane of glass” experience
  • Integration between critical data that exists across your firm, including within Intapp Risk & ComplianceIntapp Time, and other well-adopted solutions

Knowles also revealed some recent and upcoming changes to Intapp’s product offerings:

  • DealCloud — In autumn 2021, Intapp introduced relationship intelligence to help DealCloud clients aggregate, score, measure, and generate client and prospect insights. The software provides relationship scores and network analysis to identify the best opportunities for your firm, and recommends actions based on interactions and engagement with clients and colleagues. “You can’t have a connected firm without connected client relationships,” said John Harris, Vice President of Product Management at Intapp.
  • New product verticals — Intapp’s products — which have historically been categorized by department and function, such as business development and risk and compliance — will instead soon be grouped by business-capability scope to help our clients leverage their Intapp solutions across departments to better connect and integrate their people, processes, and data.
  • Intapp Walls — Intapp Walls, one of our most popular products, will soon be available in the cloud.
  • Intapp Terms — Intapp is adding vendor terms and billing compliance to Intapp Terms. “When you’re managing your client terms and obligations, you’re making a lot of promises to your clients, [such as] how soon you’ll notify them of a security breach,” said Knowles. “That may be dependent on what your vendors are going to do. By putting your vendor terms in Intapp Terms, you can do that cross analysis [with your client terms].”

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