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Case Study: FPE Capital

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FPE Capital is a specialist growth equity investor based in London, England. The firm seeks to invest in software and technology-enabled services businesses in the UK and Ireland.

Historically, when it came to relationship management with prospect companies, intermediaries, and service providers, data was almost always kept within each relationship and there was no formal process in place for tracking, centralizing, and sharing it. This method of informal knowledge sharing worked within a smaller team, but as the team expanded it would lead to challenges in tracking and coordinating the conversations and activities that taking place across the firm.

FPE Capital needed a better solution to keep each other informed and record with whom each team member was speaking with across their network in relation to deal flow and portfolio activities, instead of relying on conversations with colleagues for answers.

Below, we offer an in-depth case study that showcases how FPE Capital created a single source of truth by leveraging DealCloud’s technology.