Customer Data Retention Policy

Customer Data Retention Policy

Effective: November 20, 2019 — Present

For Intapp cloud solutions, Intapp will generally retain all Customer Data (electronic data and information Customer uploads, stores or processes with the Intapp cloud solutions) not explicitly deleted or requested to be deleted by the customer for the life of the subscription plus for a limited time after the end of the subscription as described in the applicable customer contract.

Exceptions to the general retention policy are in place for the following products and data sets:

ProductData SetRetention Period
Intapp Documents, Intapp WorkspacesLog Data1 year
Intapp IDMLog Data1 year
Intapp TimeCaptured Activities45 days
Intapp TimeTime Entries3 years
Repstor, Intapp Documents, Intapp WorkspacesCustomer DataOnly stored during processing
Intapp BillstreamCustomer DataOnly stored during processing

Please note that Customer Data removed at the end of the retention period might be available in data backups for a limited time after it has been removed from the live instance.