Tenant Access Policy

Tenant Access Policy

Effective: November 20, 2019 — Present

The customers will receive a Welcome Email with information on how to access their sandbox cloud instance, usually within five business days of their orders.

The Welcome Email is sent by the Intapp Support Team to the customer contact provided in the sales order. Customers can add their implementation team to their sandbox to start their implementation. For security reasons, Intapp does not provide access to the instances to anyone outside of the firm. The customer can request to change the cloud instance administrator email contact by emailing their request to support@intapp.com. Each request will be reviewed by the Intapp Security Team prior to completion.

Towards the end of User Acceptance Testing, the implementation team requests the production cloud instance from the Intapp Support Team to prepare for Go Live. Access to the production cloud instance is sent to the customer directly and usually not earlier than four weeks before Go Live.

Note that Intapp provides only one cloud, production instance for the Intapp Integration Service per customer. Customers can deploy, test, and execute the integrations on separate runtime environments within the production instance.