• Intapp Email Filing

    Information management for emails and attachments

Give users the tools they need to effectively file emails and access content within Microsoft Outlook.

Intapp Email Filing turns time-consuming administrative and compliance tasks into an intuitive, effective, and productivity-generating advantage, helping ensure important information remains accessible across the firm. It works the way users expect: Predictive filing and high-performance searches streamline electronic filing and help users navigate and search for relevant content — all within the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface. Using Intapp Email Filing, professionals can redirect the time and energy previously spent on inefficient filing processes toward serving clients.

Encourage user adoption

Intapp Email Filing requires minimal training, boosting adoption. Users continue working in Microsoft Outlook — the way they always have — to connect with a range of repositories.

Boost productivity

Intapp Email Filing accelerates email categorization and accurate filing so users no longer have to waste time tracking down misfiled or mislaid content. Intapp Email Filing also helps users file and access content within Microsoft Teams, using an Intapp Workspaces add-on.

Connect with systems of record and bolster compliance

Intapp Email Filing helps users file, store, and share content on Microsoft SharePoint — in the cloud or on-premises — as well as Windows Explorer, M-Files, Microfocus Content Manager, OpenText eDocs, Box, iManage Work, Meridio, HiqhQ, and other file sharing systems. Intapp Email Filing also helps your firm control information access and ensure users stay up to date with important company information.

Enhance ROI and efficiency

As users store and access content, Intapp Email Filing consolidates multiple email clients and file management systems into single source of truth, helping users spend less time searching for information and simplifying IT maintenance tasks.

Put Intapp Email Filing to work for your firm