A guide to cross-selling: How law firms can grow client relationships and drive revenue

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At law firms, the Rule of Three has long been a pillar of sound legal marketing and business development. The rule, which recommends engaging clients in at least three practice areas, is based on the idea that with each practice and service area added, you increase the likelihood that your firm will retain and grow the relationship with a client.

But firms today face an increasingly sophisticated and competitive landscape — and it’s time to update the rule. Three practice and service areas are no longer enough. Instead, your firm should be targeting five.

To win the cross-selling game, today’s firms need to adopt several key practices and programs. In this e-book, we’ll share three successful cross-selling tactics, key implementation tips, and best practices around:

  • Whitespace analysis
  • Key-client programs
  • Strategic account programs

Download the e-book to learn more about best practices and technology for cross-selling for today’s law firms.