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Fulfilling the promise of CRM


The promise of CRM has always been that no matter who you are at your company, you can have a very full 360-degree view of the customer or the client that you take care of and drive revenue from.

The promise really lies in the fact that we can better service our client, and we can better engage with our prospects, to show them that we care about their company. We care about our relationship with them.

But the failure of CRM over the years has really been that the systems are the popular term “garbage in, garbage out” — meaning I have to use this product, and I have to put information into this product, for me to get benefit out of it. And if collectively we all get together and we put all of our information into the product, it will benefit the entire organization.

Today we have come up with a series of data capture mechanisms that support organizations so that they don’t have to require their employees to enter information. And there are various forms of this, but some of those popular ones are we can ingest emails, we can ingest Microsoft Outlook and calendar invitations, and we can link with address books. Or we can read signatures and scrape signatures out of emails so that we’re auto-updating core CRM data.

We have third-party data integrations that will auto-update existing information. So if you have a data subscription with a company — these are very popular across financial and professional services worlds — we can take that data that you have a subscription to, we can link it to the system, auto-update companies, auto-update contacts from third-party data sources.

It’s really a new day and a new time for this type of technology because you can add more value more quickly, and you can remove the burden from the user, and those two things allow you to get better outcomes.

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