How AI can empower employees

Speaker: Alexia Cambon, Senior Director of Modern Work Research, Microsoft


AI comes at a critical moment in time where employees are really struggling to find the time and energy they need to get their work done. In fact, 64% of employees told us that that was the case. And seemingly, employees are swimming in what we’re calling “digital debt”, which is that feeling you get at the end of the day where it still feels like you owe something that you haven’t gotten through your inbox.

And as a result, [with] the environment evolving as quickly as it is, humans really need a boost from technology [and] from the likes of AI to be able to keep pace with this ever-changing environment.

One of the things that we’re seeing in the research is that employees are really struggling to find the information that they need to get their work done, and are essentially trying to navigate what we’re calling an “information labyrinth.”

And that occurs when information exchange is very easy. And as a result, we’re spending a lot of time exchanging information in [Microsoft] Teams and inboxes and less time really applying that information. We’re spending a lot of our day-to-day on tasks that require us to exchange information, but not so much [on tasks] that require us to create.

And creation is truly where a lot of business value comes from. So AI is going to help us navigate that information labyrinth more effectively in order for us to truly spend time on the things that matter.

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