How Intapp and Microsoft are driving innovation at law firms



What does innovation mean to you?

Harpreet Suri, CIO, Polsinelli LLP: Innovation to me and my firm means the ability to conceive and deliver new services to our clients by utilizing our technology, our people, and processes in an effective way.

Collaboration is the number one factor that leads to innovative ideas. When great minds collaborate, great ideas are not only born, but come to fruition.

And as a national firm with dispersed attorneys and staff, collaboration tools are imperative to our success and innovating.

Douglas Caddell, CIO, Mayer Brown: Innovation to me has always meant continuous progress.

Collaboration, as one of the drivers for innovation, is important to all of us. Collaboration is and has been critical as we look at how we do things with the firm, both inside the firm and for external parties.

How is the Intapp and Microsoft partnership supporting innovation in your firm?

Harpreet Suri, CIO, Polsinelli LLP: The partnership between Intapp and Microsoft is a unique opportunity for the legal industry. We can now have the ability to accelerate our innovation by leveraging the advances Microsoft has made from within the Intapp tools and platform.

I’m very excited about this partnership and hope to see the advances in AI and Power Tools that Microsoft has made to be leveraged from within the Intapp tools.

Douglas Caddell, CIO, Mayer Brown: Intapp is one of our strategic partners and their strategic partnership with Microsoft is becoming much more visible, more clearly visible with benefits that, I think, will flow in all directions.

The latest versions of AI, such as ChatGPT — which I’ve seen more demos of over the last, you know few weeks — it shows progress and I think it’s worth paying attention to.

And I saw it most recently up at Redmond, at the Intapp/Microsoft gathering that some of us had the opportunity to attend. And when I came back to Mayer Brown, I talked to my leadership team in IT about it, and I said, “You know, it’s time to just start thinking about this. Keep an eye on it because I think it’s going to have impact.”

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