How zero-entry solutions enable partner-led firms


Financial and professional services are actually very unique industries. These are very, very leveraged organizations. They’re typically made up of very senior partners at the top, with junior partners and associates or trainees or different analysts, depending on the industry.

Some of the ways that we improve the employee experience is through our applied AI, and specifically our zero entry. We really recognize and appreciate how uniquely busy these professionals are, especially at the top. The senior partners and the partners and the senior dealmakers are so incredibly oversubscribed and taxed that they just don’t have the time to do manual data entry or to generate their own reports or to be de facto data stewards. And what zero entry is all about is minimizing that burden of data entry to be able to get accurate, reliable information into the system to allow their workflows to operate without asking for any behavioral change.

And we call this concept being partnership aware. We understand the burden that partners are under. And we are doing our part to help and make their job easier while allowing their systems and their workflows to function effectively.

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