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Intapp and Microsoft: A winning partnership for professional and financial services


We’ve partnered with Microsoft because at the end of the day, our clients are heavily reliant upon two main providers: Intapp and Microsoft. Virtually every one of our clients is using Microsoft in some way. They’re dependent upon Teams and SharePoint, Office 365; they’re dependent upon Azure for their own cloud hosting.

Our clients wanted us to build a solution set that was compatible with theirs. Our collaboration and content solution, as an example, rides entirely on the Microsoft platform. It allows clients to get the most out of their Microsoft investment for document management and client collaboration and internal management of their teams.

We wanted to have a best-in-class cloud provider, so we’ve architected and are putting our entire solution on the Azure cloud because we felt it was best in class for security, scalability, and reliability in our markets. And then lastly, our clients are looking to move to the cloud, and they trust the Microsoft cloud for making that move.

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