Polsinelli: Tips to kick-start your cloud journey


At Polsinelli, we have a mobile-first, cloud-first strategy which, as the name implies, means when we buy new software, our preference is to go with a SaaS solution that offers a mobile app.

For existing software, we are actively working to move to the cloud, but it is a marathon and not a sprint. We have to prioritize some applications and are actively working to migrate those first to the cloud.

It is no longer a question of whether a business should go to the cloud or not. It is about when the business is going to go to the cloud. If security configurations are set up correctly, the cloud offers you the unmatched advantage of being secure, because as a business, I will never be able to patch my on-prem environment as quickly as Microsoft can in the cloud environment.

My advice to other firms that are getting ready to move to the cloud is to prioritize your workloads, understand which application should go to the cloud first, and then kick-start your journey.

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