The Activator Playbook: Commit, connect, and create


I would say that activators do three things that make them different from their colleagues.

They commit. Now, that’s all about the cadence the routine and the rhythm that they have when it comes to business development. And this is something that makes activators so unique.

Unlike any of the other partners that we studied, activators were only ones that carved out and religiously protected business development time. They don’t allow it to be crowded out by other things…whether it’s delivering or executing work or work product for clients or participating in firm level activities, in initiatives. They always carve out and protect it. And when you talk activators, you hear them speak about how this is something they learned early in their careers.

If they’re going to become successful business developers, business development is not something you get to when you have time for it. It’s something that has to be a part of your daily routine. It has to be a part of your daily rhythm in your daily cadence.

They connect. They’re all about building those broad based connections, building a robust network that I can harvest business from. Broad based connections within my firm as well and within the client organization. So they are networkers by trade. This is what they do.

They create. Remember, they’re not reactive like our experts or our confidantes waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for the client to say they need something. They’re proactive. They’re bringing those new ideas to the client. And what’s so interesting about that is when they reach out with those new ideas, they’re not looking to get paid immediately for the value they deliver and the insight they deliver.

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Matthew Dixon

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