The benefits of being a connected firm


Every firm can benefit from being a little bit more connected, a little bit more efficient, and understanding their clients a little bit better. As a connected firm, you have a better understanding of your data people and processes. It means that you’re going be more efficient. You’re going to be able to provide that excellent advice that little bit quicker.

You’re going to understand the things that you’ve done in the past much better and be able to reuse those in ways that’ll give you those efficiencies and that speed to value for the clients.

So partly it’s about efficiency I think partly it’s about the way the relationship develops as well. A connected firm is going to understand their clients better, not just in terms of the relationships that they have with clients, but also what’s going on in the market, what’s going on in the industry that the client operates. They’re going be able to provide more value quicker and and at a greater depth than if they’re not connected.

There are lots of opportunities within law firms for them to become more connected across the entire client matter life cycle, but I think the key is always thinking about the client. Trying to become more connected around their clients, understanding the journey that their clients are going on, the advice that they’re trying to provide is helping them to do things within the market and be more successful. So it’s it’s understanding that connectivity, how that’s going to benefit their clients rather than just becoming connected to be more efficient.

So focusing back on to clients the whole time, I think it’s going be the key to where they should be more connected.

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