Why choosing the right partner ecosystem is critical


Technology leaders in these firms have a tough game ahead of them — or maybe rather a fantastic opportunity, which is probably the better mindset here in terms of advice. I think they need to embrace the cloud, and I think the whole industry has gotten that message. We’re in the next stage, where it’s about finding the right technology ecosystem to pick and leveraging the composability of your technology vendors.

Intapp is really well positioned to meet the technology needs of these firms — not just today, but tomorrow as well. Let me explain why. We already cover some of the most mission-critical business capabilities for these firms today.

We actually bring them together through our underlying industry data model. So we truly understand these firms, which is also one of the reasons why Microsoft and Intapp are partnering to address the needs of this specific vertical.

Microsoft provides a very strong cloud platform to our solutions. But also the tools of the trade — the shop floor, where a lot of the work gets done, and Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, the whole office suite — we bring all of that together, but also enrich it with our whole ecosystem.

We have more than 100 vertical-centric partnerships today that add complementary data technology and service capabilities to our platform. And by bringing all of that, with a relentless focus on the verticals we serve together, ensure that our clients are not just getting the best answers for their technology needs today, but also tomorrow, and that we keep pace with the changes the industry is experiencing these days.

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