Winning the war for talent: How automation and knowledge management can help


There’s an amazing war for talent that continues to persist in the markets that we serve. Firms struggle to find enough great professionals to join them and struggle to retain them on the path to partnership as they look at building their firms.

First off, on the on the front end, recruiting great people: The younger generation would love to have the kind of tools they have in their daily life at home. And so, what they’re looking for is modern technology. It’s got to look good. It’s got to have great UI and great people because that’s what they’re used to in their daily lives.

Secondly, when they come into the firm, they want to ramp up quickly. They want to understand what the firm already knows, and they’re hungry for knowledge. And yet in the old days, it was handed down  tribally from, you know, partner to senior associate to the individual professional.

And thirdly, they’re looking at their daily life and saying, “God, I’m stuck in old archaic systems doing administrivia and things that are not enjoyable, that are not what I was recruited in to go do” — and therefore they start to lose interest.

So, what technology can help them do if they’re using modern technology, it feels like a better environment for the professionals that are attracted to the firm. Secondly, if we can give them ways of onboarding more quickly and help them with understanding the greater knowledge of the firm, the best practices that already exist within the firm, we can accelerate their time to learning. And then thirdly, make them enjoy work more by taking the mundane, cruddy parts out of the daily life of this and automating for them for the professionals. They don’t have to deal with all of this administrivia.

And so a lot of our solutions are actually helping make the daily life of these professionals so much better — and therefore they’re enjoying their jobs, whether it be an accountant or a consultant or other professional.

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