Your partners’ partners: Every technology choice comes with an ecosystem


Originally published by Redmond Magazine.

As more and more professional and financial services firms turn towards industry cloud solutions to meet their unique data and workflow needs, firm leaders are recognizing the importance of partner ecosystems. In this video podcast, industry expert Sebastian Hartmann talks with veteran technology journalist John K. Waters about the importance of evaluating partner ecosystems, including:

  • How cloud computing has changed the technology landscape and the verticalization of software it has caused.
  • How ecosystems are forming both horizontally and vertically around the big technology players.
  • The importance of composing the right portfolio of technologies for your specific needs, and how industry analysts have defined “composability.”
  • The different types of partners that make up the ecosystem, including “shop floor” level partners, such as Microsoft.
  • The impact of the emergence of AI on partner ecosystems.
  • What organizations should consider when evaluating a vendor’s ecosystem.

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