Sandbox Policy

Effective: November 20, 2019 — Present

Intapp provides clients of Intapp solutions, with the exception of DealCloud – Financial Services, one sandbox instance in addition to the production instance, by default. For DealCloud – Financial Services one additional UAT instance can be provided for an additional fee.

The table below describes the policy related to our non-production cloud instances as compared to our production cloud instances.

  Non-production instances Production instances
Scale Can be tested by a portion of the Customer’s user population Can be used by all Customer’s licensed users
Performance and availability testing Performance or availability testing in non-production instances is only permitted with Intapp’s prior written consent Performance testing in production is not permitted
Location Non-production instances are hosted in the same region as the Customer’s production instance unless stated differently in the contract NA
New feature preview Customers can preview new features in Sandbox/UAT ahead of release to production instances based on the published maintenance policy NA
High Availability NA Deployment in high-availability configurations based on our documentation
Disaster Recovery NA Backups of Customer Data based on our documented backup schedule. Support of service restoration in a separate site at least 100 miles from the primary site in the same geographic region
Availability Commitment Any availability commitments applicable to the Cloud Services do not apply to the Sandbox/UAT See the agreement for details
Storage 30 GB per Sandbox/UAT No storage limit. Storage limit may apply in the future
Security Intapp security model applies Intapp security model applies
Support Not included in standard support. Optional package available for a fee Included in the standard support

Specific terms might vary based on the Customer’s purchases and contractual agreements with Intapp. Except with respect to Sandboxes/UATs, any explicit commitments in the Customer’s contractual agreements with Intapp take precedence over this general policy.