Intapp University

Intapp University

Optimize your investment with targeted training

Intapp University offers comprehensive education programs designed to help you make the most of your Intapp investment. With an option of semi- or fully customized courses, our expert-led programs use hands-on exercises and peer interaction to maximize learning and optimize your time.

Education that works for busy professionals

Elevate your ROI

Intapp University helps your firm make the most of its investment in Intapp technology

Accelerate time to value

By helping contributors learn at the source, your firm can see positive results more quickly

Maintain peak performance

Intapp University programs help ensure that your systems are working to their potential

Increase independence

Building independence amplifies your contributors’ individual contributions to the firm

Why attend Intapp University?

When you enroll in our education and training programs, you’ll be better able to accelerate time to value in our technology and achieve a solid return on your investment. Our courses are also designed to help you maintain your systems at peak performance and amplify your individual contribution to your firm.

A choice of proven training programs

Instructor-led training

With courses hosted at an Intapp office or at your facility — and led by experts in Intapp solutions — we can train one person or your entire team.


Offering both complimentary and fee-based offerings, our self-paced, always-available courses includes classroom teaching, webinars, and hands-on labs.


Advance the capabilities of your professionals by providing sought-after expertise and certifications they can use to make themselves indispensable to the firm.