Intelligence Applied

Intelligence Applied

Your business — whether it’s investments, engagements, audits, or matters — is built on intelligence. Your connections, experiences, insights, and market data all drive how you serve your clients and grow your business.

Intapp believes that the way you apply your intelligence is what gives you a competitive advantage.

Yet most business software wasn’t built for partner-led firms like yours. It was built for companies selling goods — not professionals navigating fast-changing environments. Your firm operates within a complex set of ethical, client, and regulatory obligations. And generic AI solutions can’t address the unique security and privacy needs of partner-led firms.
While AI is gaining momentum in the mainstream, we’ve been investing in AI for decades, learning what you need and why you need it. We know that AI offers a transformative moment — and that generative AI will profoundly impact our markets.

Opportunity is yours. Applied intelligence will help you seize it.

At Intapp, we apply AI to the unique work of our clients — with an unwavering commitment to compliance.
As we shared with our global clients and investors at our Intelligence Applied Launch Day on February 22, 2024, we’re empowering firms to connect their people, processes, and data through AI-powered software solutions.
Our product strategy is aligned: We’ve built tailored industry solutions that apply AI to our market. Compliant, SaaS-delivered innovation with embedded best practices. Applied AI with practical and breakthrough innovation.

Intapp lets you tap into deep institutional knowledge, critical third-party intelligence, and undiscovered opportunities hidden across your markets.

We bring the power of compliant, Applied AI to connect all your intelligence — making your world of knowledge usable and upholding your commitments — so you can find and take advantage of new opportunities.
Check out how our clients are applying intelligence for better outcomes, and let us know how we can help you multiply opportunities for you and your firm.

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