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Acacia Group, an independent sponsor in the digital transformation sector, has selected DealCloud to support strategy development, relationship management, deal origination, and execution.


“At Acacia, we emphasize quality in strategic planning and relationship building as the foundation of our success. This demands incisive market intelligence and company data, as well as the ability to focus on key decision-makers throughout and beyond the deal process,” said Frederic Cassis, Co-Founder of Acacia Group. “We’re looking forward to leveraging DealCloud’s suite of capabilities in our drive for continuous improvement in the quality of the outcomes we deliver for our stakeholders.”


Acacia are technology investors focused on building businesses that can benefit from or deliver digital transformation through innovative products and services. Applying a diverse range of skills and experience — from financial and business operations to brand and technology development — Acacia creates the conditions for significant and lasting value for business owners and their employees, their clients and partners, and the firm’s co-investors.


“We’re excited to work with Acacia Group,” said Ben Harrison, Co-President of Financial Services and Founder of DealCloud. “We believe the use of DealCloud’s technology will enable Acacia to continue to build successful technology businesses that deliver lasting value for stakeholders.”


About DealCloud

DealCloud, by Intapp, provides a single-source deal, relationship, and firm management platform that enables firms to power their dealmaking process from strategy to origination to execution. We offer fully configurable solutions purpose-built for the complex relationships and structures of private equity and growth capital firms, investment banks, private and publicly traded companies, debt capital providers, and other investors. For more information, visit


About Acacia Group

Acacia Group is a specialist investment firm that builds stronger businesses by harnessing the power of digital transformation. Acacia works closely with management teams as engaged and supportive partners, fostering resilient cultures of collaboration and innovation to make its portfolio companies more valuable to their clients, employees, and co-investors. By empowering skilled leaders, nurturing exceptional talent, investing in innovation, and building distinctive brands, Acacia Group creates the qualities businesses need to achieve lasting success. For more information, visit