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Baltimore, MD (August 1st, 2016)DealCloud, Inc. (DealCloud) announced that HighBank Advisors LLC (HighBank) has successfully implemented its relationship management and execution platform. HighBank’s team of bankers, located in multiple offices, now manage all facets of their prospecting, industry relationships and deal processes on a single, standardized platform purpose-built for investment banking.

HighBank is a mid-market investment bank and financial advisory firm founded in 2009 by Managing Director and CEO Stephen Gaines. HighBank has embraced a high-touch, client-first strategy through a history of successful engagements across a range of industries. Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, and with offices in Philadelphia, PA, and Raleigh, NC, the firm is committed to prioritizing its client’s objectives while maintaining the highest standards and transparency.
As a firm, HighBank had scaled to the point where a solution such as DealCloud became a necessity and in selecting a deal platform, HighBank sought to address two key objectives. The first was to gain the ability to better leverage its collective relationships and insights obtained from executing dozens of transactions over the years. The second was to ensure that real-time data on each client transaction was readily available to all deal team members. “DealCloud allows us to capture and leverage the invaluable knowledge gained on each transaction to more efficiently and effectively serve current and future clients,” said Rebecca McGinley, HighBank’s Chief Operating Officer. ” Additionally, given that we staff our deals with numerous bankers, DealCloud enables all deal team members immediate access to real-time data, ensuring the team is “on the same page” regardless of office location or professional level. DealCloud helps us work much more efficiently,” she added.
DealCloud’s deep domain experience was a key decision driver for HighBank. DealCloud’s history and its experience are rooted in the M&A and principle investing industry. “They clearly understand what we do. This is evident in the design of the product and in our continued work with DealCloud’s support team. Their understanding of investment banking and financial advisory has enabled them to customize elements of our platform to meet our relationship management, lead generation, and transaction tracking and reporting objectives,” stated McGinley. HighBank followed DealCloud’s proprietary implementation methodology and took advantage of the Charlotte, NC based support and implementation team’s extensive experience building investment banking platforms. DealCloud CEO Rick Kushel commented, “Any firm with team members working across multiple offices that is in the business of conducting transactions that require connecting with hundreds of potential financing sources or other counterparties, is faced with the challenge of ensuring immediate access to current information regarding people and process. The dynamic reporting capabilities and the real-time availability of cloud-based data through the DealCloud platform prove to be an excellent solution to facilitate cohesiveness among all deal team members. Through the implementation process, DealCloud was able to identify what HighBank needed and fine tune their system to meet those needs.”
About HighBank
HighBank is a full-service mid-market investment bank and financial advisory firm. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland with regional offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Raleigh, North Carolina, the firm provides advice on mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, exit and transaction planning, business valuations, fairness and capital adequacy opinions, loan workouts and debt restructurings, and distressed asset sales. HighBank was formed on a mission that our clients and our people deserve to have their highest expectations met and to receive a higher value for their investments of money and time. For more information on HighBank, visit
About DealCloud
DealCloud is a pioneer in M&A Software. The Company was formed in 2010 by a team of former deal professionals with deep knowledge of the private capital markets. DealCloud has quickly emerged as a global leader in providing deal management, workflow, and technology solutions to all participants in the private capital markets, including private equity and growth capital firms, sell-side banks, publicly traded companies, and debt capital investors. We are well known for our client service and our team takes great pride in the delivery of our platform and the strength of our relationships with clients. At DealCloud, we understand the pace of deal execution and we are committed to working at the same cadence as our clients to deliver fast and accurate outcomes. Our team is fully committed to the success of our clients. For more information on DealCloud, visit