Harbor is the preeminent expert services provider to leading law firms, corporations, and their law departments. Working across key areas – strategy, legal tech, operations, and intelligence – our global team of 650+ industry experts serves over 80% of Global 200 law firms, and 50% of the Fortune 500.

Harbor’s Legal Tech & Operations teams provide expertise across all Intapp applications: finance & operations, risk & compliance, CRM & martech, content management & collaboration, and data integration.  These specialists have decades of experience – across hundreds of projects – helping clients optimize their Intapp investment with a full range of services: business process innovation, cloud migrations, implementation & upgrades, adoption & training, and ongoing applications management. Our teams are experts at integrating Intapp applications with other mainstream applications, including Elite 3E, Aderant, Salesforce, and InterAction, to maximize workflow automation, and increase value.

Partner type

  • Implementation


  • Intapp Billstream
  • Intapp Cloud Infrastructure
  • Intapp Conflicts
  • Intapp DealCloud
  • Intapp Documents
  • Intapp Documents for Corporate Legal
  • Intapp Employee Compliance
  • Intapp Intake
  • Intapp Terms
  • Intapp Time
  • Intapp Walls
  • Intapp Workspaces

Partner market

  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Corporate
  • Legal
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