S&P Global

S&P Global Market Intelligence captures 99.9% of the world’s market capital and provides intelligence essential for firms’ business and financial decision-making.
Access S&P company data directly from within DealCloud to keep your client and prospect data clean, up to date, and complete. Enrich client profiles in real time with additional firmographic attributes.
During new client onboarding, automatically populate client profiles in Intapp Intake.
Consolidate conflicts clearance into a single search by directly accessing S&P corporate family trees, shareholders, and board members – all from within Intapp Conflicts.

Partner type

  • Data Integration


  • Intapp Conflicts
  • Intapp DealCloud
  • Intapp Intake

Partner market

  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Financial Services
  • Legal


  • US


  • 1
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