Practice groups

Practice group leaders

Work with industry experts to drive results

Intapp practice group leaders align with the roles in your firm to improve results for your partners, your business, and your clients.

Our practice group leaders have worked with hundreds of firms worldwide, and provide expert advice that today’s professional and financial services firms need. Their guidance will help you find the right solutions, tools, and strategies to compete more effectively and provide exceptional client outcomes. When the stakes are high, you can rely on Intapp practice group leaders for road-tested guidance, valuable insights, and unparalleled support.

Direct industry experience

We bring extensive expertise to professional and financial services, providing unparalleled insights into your unique challenges and needs. Our experts also establish best practices across industries to offer new perspectives and unique approaches.

Technology-enhanced strategy

We work closely with the largest R&D team in the industry, and understand exactly how Intapp software and services can solve your problems, create opportunities, and increase scalability of your firm’s critical initiatives.

Dedicated client focus

We prioritize helping you focus on key clients, industries, and networks to turn aspirations into actual results. We understand that the perfect blend of software, solutions, and processes will improve your firm’s overall profitability and operational efficiency, and boost client success to create the ultimate strategic advantage.