• CRM Success Series, Part 1: Defining Value and Acing Implementation

Contrary to popular belief, law firms can and do often achieve success with their CRM initiatives. To foster a successful implementation, firms need to define business-impacting success criteria, understand the role of technology, and know how they must change in order to achieve that success. In the first of four webinars, CRM experts from Pinnacle and Intapp will provide insights into CRM success, with a focus on defining success and achieving a successful implementation, followed by a demonstration of the industry-leading DealCloud solution and Intapp CRM software.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to define CRM success for your firm using Pinnacle’s CRM Success and Value framework
  • Which factors are critical for delivering on-time and on-budget while meeting business needs
  • How the features and capabilities of DealCloud and Intapp CRM can help your initiative succeed

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