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    Keep Cool and in Compliance: Tackling Client Commitments One Step at a Time

Back in 2015, when Intapp Risk Consulting team members asked a U.S. bank’s billing partner how he managed outside counsel guidelines (OCGs), he replied “I sign them and throw them into my bottom drawer.” Seeing the consulting team’s incredulous looks, he added “I guess that’s not the right answer.”

Much has changed in five years. The 2019 Chief Legal Officer Survey from Altman Weil reported that 81% of respondents say their teams “provide guidelines for billing, expenses, matter staffing, and matter management.” In contrast, the same survey in 2015 didn’t even mention OCGs. The transformation is already here — and it has happened quickly.

Managing law firm OCGs has become a permanent administrative function, and it’s essential that firm lawyers and staff understand — and comply with — their obligations. Success requires the collaboration of subject matter experts from a broad range of disciplines, centralized management, clearly mapped and articulated business processes, and technology that supports evolving requirements.

In this white paper, we explore best practices to help your firm thrive while managing your increasingly complex and plentiful client requirements.

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