Intapp Statement on Ukraine

Updated: March 22, 2023

This statement will be updated regularly as the Ukraine crisis evolves.

As a global organization, Intapp has team members, subcontractors, and operations dispersed throughout the world. Our global operations include an office in Ukraine staffed by team members from departments including development, operations, and support. Additionally, we have worked for many years with multi-national software development companies that have resources throughout Europe, including in Ukraine.

Intapp has executed detailed contingency plans to support our Ukrainian team members and our clients, and has shifted our workload to European and other geographies as required. In this evolving situation, we continue to execute these continuity plans.

People strategy

  • The safety of our people in Ukraine is our first priority. We are supporting them in several ways, including, where possible and desired by our Ukrainian team members, with proactive relocation assistance. This process has been underway for more than a year  and remains ongoing.

Geography strategy 

  • We have transitioned some operations out of the region into other locations in the EU, UK, and the Americas.
  • Additionally, we have temporarily suspended all Devops production support and associated cloud tenant data access from Ukraine. This allows us to provide extra assurance to clients about the protection and security of their data. We appreciate our team’s flexibility and willingness to apply their expertise to the support of Intapp’s business in other ways during this time.
  • We are working diligently to help team members and their families who desire to relocate to the UK, the EU, and other geographies.
  • The Ukraine-based team is an integral part of the Intapp community, and we are committed to supporting them now and in the future.

Backup and additional resources

  • Intapp is prepared to support our clients in the event of energy shortages. Please visit for more information.
  • Consistent with our global business continuity plans, we continue to implement our backup programs to maintain uninterrupted service and minimize disruption to our clients.
  • We have also expanded our existing relationships with partners in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC to further support our geographic dispersion.

Security strategy 

  • We have heightened our team’s security awareness, and further assessed our security program to ensure that we are prepared to manage risk as identified by CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) and others. We’re continuing to monitor any new cyber threats that may appear on an ongoing basis.
  • As part of our program, we have removed data and severed VPN connections to our Kyiv office. As noted above, team members located in Ukraine do not currently have access to production environments.

Communications strategy

  • We keep all constituents updated in a consistent and timely manner. Our most recent statement can always be found at
  • Our field teams capture inquiries from clients and direct them to a central team. This team identifies, answers and then updates our external messages, as appropriate.
  • We provide all Intapp employees with regular updates on the status of our Business Continuity plans as we implement them.

Core business continuity team

  • We have established, prior to the onset of the crisis in Ukraine, a standing team representing key Operational, IT, People, Security, and Communications professionals. Each group has both a functional leader and an executive leader who participates and provides guidance as needed. This team has been authorized and empowered with resources to make decisions to ensure employee safety as well as client support and satisfaction.
  • This team will continue to operate until we determine that we are beyond the crisis.

Next steps

We are committed to supporting and communicating with our clients as this situation evolves. Please continue to check the page at, which we will be updating frequently. Clients with additional questions can contact