Intapp Walls for Microsoft Copilot

Intapp Walls for Copilot

AI compliance for the generative era

Microsoft Copilot brings generative AI to your professionals’ fingertips. Enable a compliant rollout of Microsoft Copilot by applying the right security to your firm’s data. Use Intapp Walls for Copilot to easily view and control the data Microsoft Copilot has access to. Prevent potential oversharing and ensure compliance with your firm policies and obligations to clients and regulators.

View your SharePoint sites and the oversharing risk they present alongside their current security status and helpful metrics

Confidently deploy Microsoft Copilot and maintain client confidentiality and trust

Map and manage access

View and control which Microsoft SharePoint sites and Teams are being indexed and accessed by Microsoft Copilot.

Monitor deployment

Visualize the percentage of your professionals who have access to Microsoft Copilot and the data it’s indexing.

Escalate risk

Determine high collaboration areas in Microsoft SharePoint and Teams where additional security controls may be necessary.

Features and benefits

Centralized confidentiality control

Secure and manage access to sensitive information across Microsoft 365 and other systems.

Copilot dashboards

Visualize and control all the data sources Microsoft Copilot has access to via Microsoft Graph, plug-ins, and other services.

Native security enforcement

Apply policies to Microsoft SharePoint and Teams using native security controls that Copilot will adhere to.

Self-maintaining management

Automatically correct unauthorized modifications and ensure proper access with built-in monitoring and detection of changes to internal teams.

Confidently harness Microsoft Copilot with Intapp

Intapp is helping to address the oversharing problem and enable you to unlock incredible intelligence. Contact us to learn more about how Intapp Walls for Copilot will prepare and secure your data for generative AI.