Discover the Future of Modern Legal Work with Microsoft Teams and Intapp Workspaces

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Microsoft Teams is ushering in a new era of Modern Work at law firms.

From real-time collaboration and document co-authoring to unified matter work and secure client collaboration, Microsoft Teams is the gateway to embracing the efficiencies and transformational value of modern legal work.

Join our webinar, “Discover the Future of Modern Legal Work with Microsoft Teams and Intapp Workspaces,” where we will demonstrate practical legal use cases and how to maximize the value of your Microsoft Teams and M365 investment with Intapp Workspaces.

We will also explore the transition to AI-integrated work, examining how Teams and Copilot will require new skills and methods of work, as well as strategies for preparing your legal teams for these changes.

Key Topics Covered:

  • The benefits of embracing M365 and Microsoft Teams for modern work at law firms
  • Unifying matter collaboration, content, and apps in Microsoft Teams with Intapp Workspaces
  • Augmenting matter and project collaboration with OneNote and Planner
  • Extending the value of your DMS with Teams document collaboration & co-authoring
  • Delivering real-time client communication, collaboration, and document sharing
  • High-value collaboration and preparing teams for the safe consumption of AI and Copilot
  • Change management and embracing a new paradigm of M365 modern legal work