Graduate program

Launch your career with the Intapp Graduate Program

The Intapp Graduate Program is designed to prepare new graduates to join Intapp in highly impactful roles through enhanced onboarding, in-depth training, mentoring, and supportive peer learning.
Each program participant will receive individualized and team-based development opportunities throughout the duration of the program (12–16 months).

Intapp Graduate Program

Prepare to join Intapp in highly visible and impactful roles like Client Development Associate, Implementation Analyst, Project Coordinator, and Client Success Analyst

Experience enhanced onboarding and in-depth training that’s specific to your role

Develop skills, knowledge, and community support through mentorship and hands-on learning from high-performing team members

Support peer learning and sharing via community events that enhance your cross-functional understanding of and collaboration with other areas of the business

Learn and grow in a span of 12–16 months with quarterly check-ins and progressive development that advances at your own pace

Intapp Graduate Program core components

Onboarding and training

  • Experience a customized skill-and-knowledge development journey for your role and the creation of individual career path plans.
  • Gain clear understanding of your own areas of performance, and learn key methods to manage, overcome, and leverage these areas.
  • Utilize soft-skill development modules that build your networking skills, business etiquette, and personal brand; help you transition into the workplace; and allow you to explore the values and vision of Intapp.

Exposure and mentorship

  • Take advantage of learning opportunities within other areas of the business to enable early career pathing and internal mobility.
  • Learn from leaders of the Client Development, Services, Support, and Success departments to discover how teams collaborate cross-functionally to serve our clients.
  • Receive mentorship from top performers in your current role and next-level roles.


  • Attend customized in-person and virtual events for additional peer learning and sharing.
  • Join the buddy program to learn about different areas of the business with opportunities to teach cohorts.
  • Provide input into the next iterations of the graduate program based on your experience, participate as ambassadors for recruiting on campuses, and serve as mentors and buddies for future cohorts of graduates.

Accelerated development

  • Gain more exposure to projects and shadowing opportunities in diverse areas of the business.
  • Fast track opportunities to take on additional leadership opportunities and development of new locations or areas of the business.
  • Prepare for a management role with trainings on management skills like interviewing and team dynamics.

What we’re looking for

Candidates that add to our culture and values of:

Client success

All of us at Intapp are deeply committed to our clients’ success, and we love recognizing and rewarding our employees who go the extra mile


We treat others the way we want to be treated. That goes for every candidate, new hire, longtime employee, intern, and alum

Intellectually curious

We bring domain expertise, professional experience, and inquisitiveness to our work, as well as a deep understanding of our clients and their industries, people, and unique business challenges

Diversity of background and thought

We bring together the perspectives of individuals from all backgrounds, experiences, preferences and beliefs to create better outcomes for our clients, our people and our communities

Teamwork and collaboration

We support one another in a positive, open atmosphere that fosters creativity, approachability, and teamwork. We’re committed to creating a modern work environment that’s connected yet flexible, and that supports both professional success and work-life balance. Together, our teamwork creates long-term value

Enhanced performance and demonstrated excellence

We’re all about getting involved and doing our best work together. We want team members that will challenge us to do better while also holding themselves accountable for delivering their best. Let us know what value you’ll bring to our team: Share your proud achievements and the challenges you overcame during your interviews

How we hire: Delivering a better candidate experience

When you interview at Intapp, you can expect a respectful process and open, timely communication. We take pride in a thorough interview process that lets you and our company get to know each other.

To apply for our Intapp Graduate Program, you must be in the final year of your degree or a current graduate, within 12 months from your graduation date at the time of application.

2. Please hold while we review your application...

If you’re selected to move forward, our recruiting team will reach out to set up a time to talk.

If it’s not a match this time around, we’ll let you know via email.

3. Talk with an Intapp recruiter

If you’re selected to move forward, you’ll speak with a recruiter about your goals, questions, experience, and what you can bring to Intapp! If you and the recruiter think the role is a good match, you’ll be invited to a second interview.

If we decide not to move forward with your application, we’ll let you know why.

4. Prep for your interviews

Invited to the next round? Congrats! Next step: Meet with the hiring manager and team members via video and/or in-person meetings.

Tip: Bring your genuine self to your interviews and show us why you’d be a great addition to the team. And feel free to reach out to your recruiter any time for guidance!

5. Await the final decision

If it’s a match, and we feel you have the potential to succeed in the role and will be a strong addition to our culture and team, we’ll send you an offer!

Not a match this time? We’ll be in touch to let you know why and may reach out in the future with relevant roles. And keep checking our careers site for new openings!

6. Start your career journey at Intapp

You’ll have a few tasks to complete after you’ve signed your offer, and we’ll be in touch before you start to ensure that you’re ready for a successful first day and can work in-person at the office 3 days a week.