• Intapp Summer Internship Program

At Intapp, we hire undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. interns in various departments. Our interns contribute and learn in meaningful Intapp roles in which they have an opportunity to make an immediate impact. From their first week, our interns start training to work on highly visible projects with the support of dedicated mentors, managers, and team members eager to help them succeed — both in their Intapp roles and after graduation.

The Intapp internship program presents real-world business challenges to interns from all backgrounds, allowing them to explore career paths while preparing them for success at Intapp and other companies. Focused on building teamwork, determination, intellectual curiosity, and trust, the internship program serves as a valuable conduit for career development at all educational levels.

Read on to learn what past Intapp interns appreciated about their time at Intapp, and check out our openings for summer 2024!

Intapp Summer Interns 2023!