2024 Tech Perceptions Survey Report

Are firms keeping up with their employees’ technology expectations?

Generative AI and other emerging technologies are transforming the way we live and work. But despite the prevalence of AI in their personal lives, few professionals have access to AI technologies at their places of work.

To better understand this discrepancy, Intapp conducted an online survey of more than 800 U.S. and U.K. fee earners across four verticals: accounting, consulting, capital markets (investment banking and private equity), and legal.

The Tech Perceptions Survey explores the following questions

  • What do employees expect from their firms in terms of technology?
  • Are firms delivering on those expectations?
  • Where do they fall short?
  • How will firms benefit from investing in the right technology?

The urgent need for AI

The benefits of adopting AI technology are clear:

  • Surveyed professionals expect AI to save them 25 hours a week
  • 80% of professionals at high-tech firms are highly likely to stay at their firm

But many firms still aren’t meeting employee expectations around AI:

  • Only 45% of professionals rate their firm as highly tech-savvy
  • Less than half of professionals believe they’ve used AI on the job
  • Only 56% of professionals at low- and moderate-tech firms are highly likely to stay at their firm

Insights and solutions

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Through the Tech Perceptions Survey, we gained more insight into the current struggles of fee earners and how they believe AI can improve their productivity. The survey also shows how much value professionals place on AI technology — and how that affects their decision to remain at their firms. Read the Tech Perceptions Survey Report to learn more about our findings and how your firm can better meet your teams’ technology expectations.

Survey data

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View all the data collected from our Tech Perceptions Survey. Download the deck for statistics around current AI usage, desired AI usage, employee retention rates, and much more.

Results at a glance

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Did you know 39% of your professionals’ work is comprised of manual tasks that could be automated? Download our infographics to view more key results of our 2024 Tech Perceptions Survey.

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