Intapp Billstream

Intapp Billstream

Produce timely, accurate proforma invoices to accelerate prebilling and revenue recognition

Digitally review and approve prebills more quickly and accurately than ever before. Intapp Billstream helps your firm reduce write-offs and billing disputes — and increase client trust and satisfaction — with built-in client and firm compliance, collaborative workflows, in-line edits, and more.

View and edit proformas all in one place

Produce client-compliant prebills with Intapp Billstream

Boost client satisfaction

Reduce write-offs and increase initial invoice acceptance.

Ensure accuracy

Produce client and firm-compliant proformas with integrated requirements.

Streamline workflows

Notify and track proforma progress to accelerate review and approval.

Increased output and decreased errors

We’ve increased our billing output by 20% without adding any staff. We’ve also seen a decrease in billing errors, and we have visibility into who made what changes. 

Leslie Butler
Manager of Business Systems
and Evidence

Simplify and accelerate the prebill process for your entire team

Integrated compliance

Produce client-approved proformas via integrated billing and finance requirements.  

Complete visibility

Know when a proforma has been generated, view unreleased time, identify who made what changes when, and see where the proforma sits in the workflow.

Flexible, configurable workflows

Review, recall, and reassign work to move aging proformas along. 

Robust metrics

Increase oversight of suggested bill changes and identify bottlenecks with audit trails and dashboards. 

Frequently asked questions about Intapp Billstream

Intapp Billstream increases your firm’s speed to billing and collection. Clients expect accurate, transparent, on-time invoices — and they want to work with firms who can prove they took the time and effort to ensure invoices align to their agreed-upon requirements.

Intapp Billstream offers a collaborative process between client-facing and finance teams. It reduces the need for back-and-forth phone calls, emails, and rewrites of proformas when changes are made to hours, rates, and narratives. Professionals can log in to check proforma status, their actionable items, and changes made — ensuring full visibility and review before approval.

Yes, Intapp Billstream can be accessed from mobile devices anytime, anywhere. 

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