• Intapp DealCloud

A note from Ben Harrison


I want to share some exciting news related to your experience with Intapp DealCloud. DealCloud became part of Intapp through a 2018 acquisition, and DealCloud has become Intapp’s core technology platform. We’ve continued to invest in the platform in the years since the acquisition, and DealCloud now serves professionals across all our client markets.  

On February 22, we are hosting Intelligence Applied Launch Day where we’ll unveil some new enhancements, including a set of Applied AI features that will only increase DealCloud’s already robust capabilities. With the announcement of these features, you will see some additional changes: 

  • The DealCloud website will redirect visitors to Intapp.com. You’ll be directed to log into your Intapp DealCloud instance via the Intapp.com website.  
  • The logo within the DealCloud platform will change from “DealCloud, by Intapp” to “Intapp DealCloud”. 
  • Your dedicated account manager (AM) will not change, however your AM’s email address will change. Beginning on February 22, all employee email addresses will come from the Intapp domain (@intapp.com). Any emails sent to a dealcloud.com email address will be forwarded to the proper inbox.  
  • Your user experience within the Intapp DealCloud platform will not change.  
  • Enhanced AI capabilities and a more robust product roadmap with data and configurability enhancements will be available in upcoming releases.  

We’re excited to share more details with you throughout February, both through expanded insights and 1:1 outreach from your account manager. Join us via livestream at Intelligence Applied Launch Day on February 22nd to learn more. 

We value the trust you’ve placed in us by choosing Intapp and DealCloud, and we’re dedicated to delivering breakthrough Applied AI capabilities with enhance productivity and greater compliance.  

Thank you for joining us in this journey forward.  

Ben Harrison

President and Founder, Financial Services