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Best software for real estate investors

We understand that real estate investors face considerable challenges that are unique to their industry. Keeping everyone at the firm connected, utilizing a single tool to communicate with clients—these factors make finding the best software for real estate investors taxing. Many real estate CRM softwares don’t offer configurable workflow management, deal and relationship management, and team collaboration capabilities, all of which are instrumental in helping real estate investors execute on deals successfully. Managing several disparate software platforms that all have unique purposes is time-intensive and inefficient. By connecting your software to a single source of truth, DealCloud, you can provide your entire firm with a centralized, authoritative location for your firm’s institutional knowledge. Finding the right real estate CRM software that fits your firm’s needs is so important. We recognize that real estate investors have specific needs and challenges and we believe an industry-specific, purpose-built real estate CRM software like DealCloud is the best solution for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Real Estate Fund Managers, and Real Estate Operators alike. In this article, we’ll address how the unique challenges of real estate investors may be solved by using DealCloud.

Deal flow and deal management

  • Evaluating the industry as a whole, are all-in-one platforms common for real estate investors? Are these platforms customizable?
    When it comes to finding the best software for real estate investors, there is much to consider and you will most likely find platforms that all serve unique purposes. Finding a “one stop shop” for real estate deal and relationship management is uncommon and, if you do happen to find one, many times the platform is not configurable.. With these concerns and challenges in mind, many firms turn to DealCloud’s real estate crm software.
  • Does DealCloud offer a customizable solution for deal flow and deal tracking?
    Yes! The DealCloud real estate investor management software is fully configurable. Your firm’s unique instance will adhere to your firm’s existing dealmaking process, instead of forcing you to adapt to a generic workflow.
  • Is transparency, from all aspects, available in DealCloud’s platform?
    In short, yes. The DealCloud platform was built to meet the specific needs of real estate investors and allows team members to view all activity across the firm including deal activity, deal pipelines, relationship management, productivity tracking, and more.
  • Can real estate investors follow up on deals directly in DealCloud’s software?
    Real estate investors can manage all stages of deals directly in DealCloud’s software.

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DealCloud: 1 ; other standard real estate software providers: 0

Portfolio view and reporting

Most real estate CRM softwares do not offer portfolio view and reporting features such as quick and easy data segmentation, tear sheet downloads, and financial and loan report downloads, all of which are crucial for real estate investors. Using DealCloud, investors are also able to schedule custom reports to appear right in your inbox on whatever cadence you prefer.

  • Does DealCloud offer advanced and downloadable reporting features?
    DealCloud unifies data, systems, and people with fully interactive reporting and every dashboard, chart, graph, tearsheet, data sheet, and profile can be customized to meet each user’s preferences. DealCloud’s real estate CRM software enables teams to download and design preformatted reports based on any data set from either a web or mobile interface. You can also schedule reports to be sent to yourself, a team member, or group of people as a PDF or Word Document at a cadence that works best for you.

  • Does our portfolio view offer a single source of truth?
    DealCloud’s portfolio view allows your firm to have a single source of truth, a place where all of your portfolio information is accountable and accessible. Thanks to DealCloud’s real estate CRM software platform, you can view all deal and relationship data in one centralized hub.
  • Can real estate investment firms provide various levels of views and permissions?
    With DealCloud, real estate investment firms can provide various levels of views and permissions for each user allowing for team collaboration.


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DealCloud: 3 ; other standard real estate software providers: 0

Compliance, risk management, and automation

It is uncommon for the average CRM software to include compliance tools, risk management controls, marketing automation tools, and more all in one platform. Real estate investors would have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to access these features across multiple platforms, when, instead, they could have deployed DealCloud as their single source of truth. Our real estate investor relations software helps firms manage relationships, execute deals, and easily connect with external solutions and third-party data providers. Compliance, risk management, and automation is included in our CRM system, making global data consolidation and action possible.

  • Do compliance, risk management, and automation features indicate a firm that’s ready to grow/capable of scaling in its current technology stack?
    Yes. When a firm has access to all of the above features (and more) in one real estate CRM software, it sets them up for success and enables more efficient and rapid growth.
  • What individuals within a real estate investor operation will suffer without these features?
    Without a single source of truth, all members of a real estate investor operation can suffer. Since there are so many facets and moving pieces in real estate investing, it’s imperative to have all members of the firm aligned on what activity is occurring across all stages of the deals.
  • Does DealCloud’s platform offer these three items? Are extra integrations required to get this moving?
    Compliance, risk management, and marketing automation are all available in the DealCloud platform. Our marketing automation tool, Dispatch, is the only functionality that requires additional implementation.

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DealCloud: 6 ; other standard real estate software providers: 0

A clear winner: DealCloud is the best software for real estate investors

DealCloud’s real estate CRM software empowers firms to harness the cumulative intellectual capital of their people and processes. At its core, we believe that every investment opportunity is unique, and that the teams who execute on it should have a fully configurable, unified technology platform to act as the central hub for relationship intelligence. Our best software for real estate investors provides a single source of truth for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Real Estate Fund Managers, and Real Estate Operators alike, and can help real estate investors achieve superior outcomes.

To learn more about how DealCloud’s state-of-the-art deal and relationship management system was built specifically for real estate professionals, schedule a demo.

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