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Inside Intapp Spotlight: Meet Connor Chapman, Director of Professional Services at DealCloud

Inside Intapp Spotlight: Meet Connor Chapman, Director of Professional Services at DealCloud

As a freshman in college, Connor Chapman knew he wanted to join a rising entrepreneurial organization. He discovered that DealCloud was offering an internship and — after learning about the company and speaking with its founder, Ben Harrison — Chapman concluded this was exactly the sort of opportunity he had been looking for.

“Ben’s an inspirational guy and he sold me on the business, the vision, and the interesting technology of DealCloud,” Chapman said. “DealCloud was built with a fast-growth startup mentality where people were working incredibly hard and had a passion for the DealCloud product. The application is incredibly flexible, and it’s really cool what users are able to do with it.”

Although he didn’t receive the internship, Chapman stayed in touch with Harrison and always kept DealCloud in the back of his mind. In 2015 — after working as a consultant at IBM for nearly 2 years — Chapman reached out to Harrison again and asked if there were any new job opportunities at DealCloud.

“Ben told me, ‘DealCloud is growing rapidly, and I’d love to have you join the team,’” Chapman recalled.

Chapman applied, and a mere 2 months later, he joined DealCloud as a Business Analyst. Chapman has since been promoted five times, and currently serves as the Director of Professional Services.

“I work closely with our engagement managers, our sales team, and our account managers to help bring in new business, deliver value, and meet all our milestones,” Chapman said. “The evolution of DealCloud over the last 6 years has been incredibly exciting. There’s so much opportunity in this business, and so many challenges that we have yet to discover and solve.”

Joining Forces With Intapp

Since joining DealCloud, Chapman has led numerous projects, including creating a DealCloud office in London, the city where he now resides. When Intapp acquired DealCloud, Chapman tackled the challenge of helping his team properly adjust to the changes occurring within the organization.

“The official integration between the professional and financial services teams was a big shift for the business,” Chapman explained. “Intapp already had a services segment lead team and DealCloud didn’t, so it was initially a challenge figuring out how we fit in the business. Thankfully, Intapp has great resources for helping managers with hiring and scaling teams to escalate growth. We came through it stronger and continued to help build the business.”

In 2020, Chapman and the rest of the world faced a new and unprecedented challenge: the COVID-19 pandemic. After transitioning to a remote workforce, Intapp supported staff members by providing them a stipend to set up home offices and invest in the tools they needed to successfully perform their jobs remotely.

“It’s been awesome to see how we’ve adapted as an organization,” Chapman said. “When the pandemic started, the company began offering work holidays each month, which has greatly helped our teams in terms of burnout and general happiness.”

Communicating With Clients and Teammates

In addition to transitioning to remote work, Chapman and his team also had to change the way they interacted with clients. “Client collaboration has been the most difficult part of the pandemic,” Chapman explained. “There’s more pressure to be even more attentive to clients since in-person interactions can’t happen.”

Chapman and his team realized that clear communication and a full understanding of their clients’ needs were critical to strengthening their client relationships.

“Everything we do revolves around communication, from documents to presentations,” said Chapman. “We know our clients and prospects, and we present ourselves incredibly well to them to help drive successful outcomes. For example, a lot of clients are nervous about implementation service, so we act as the voice of composure and reassure clients regarding the onboarding and implementation processes.”

A final piece of advice that Chapman offers other directors and managers is to ensure their team members communicate with one another as clearly as they do with their clients.

“Having a team-based mentality and a consistent line of open communication is key to my success at DealCloud and Intapp,” said Chapman. “Intapp exemplifies teamwork, community, and mutual respect. Everyone at Intapp is incredibly respectful of time, effort, energy, and our personal wellbeing.”

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