Inside Intapp Spotlight: Meet Grace Williams, Client Success Manager at DealCloud

During her summer internship here at Intapp in 2021, Grace Williams worked with the Client Success team to learn new skills, collaborate on visible projects, and further her career development. Like Williams, the people she met at Intapp shared the same love of learning and problem-solving — which is why she decided to return to the company after graduating from college.

“There’s a lot of entrepreneurial spirit among the Client Success team and Intapp as a whole,” Williams said. “Everyone is invested in the growth of both this company and us as individuals.”

Williams joined DealCloud, by Intapp, as a Client Success Analyst in July 2022. As she was already familiar with the company and its technology, Williams had anexpedited onboarding process. However, transitioning to her new job from a college environment initially proved challenging.

“College is very transparent and structured,” Williams said. “In college, you can figure out your grades via report cards. But in the workplace, it can be difficult to gauge the success of your day-to-day work.”

Although her co-workers and managers were more than happy to answer questions and provide guidance, they also taught Williams the importance of self-evaluation in terms of her success and career growth.

“I’ve learned to ask myself, ‘What do I need to improve on?’ or ‘What skill does my co-worker have that I want to learn as well?’” Williams said. “Anytime I receive feedback — good or bad — I assess and apply it. When I make mistakes, I use it as a learning opportunity and find ways to overcome them moving forward.”

Serving and advocating for Intapp clients

Williams’s managers also emphasized the importance of self-advocacy in the workplace, which Williams took to heart when she realized she was up for promotion.

“I immediately talked to my manager about it, and I had to pitch for myself to people on the team,” Williams said. “But it wasn’t an intimidating process because everyone was so encouraging.”

Williams continued: “Being a 22-year-old woman right out of college didn’t hold me back at DealCloud and Intapp; in fact, the company environment encouraged me to do more than I originally thought I could,” Williams explained.

Recognizing her hard work and willingness to learn, DealCloud promoted Williams to Client Success Manager. In this role, Williamsworks closely with many different people, including CEOs or Business Development Directors at large firms. She and the Client Success team learn firsthand about clients’ challenges, and works with them to determine how Intapp can improve its technology to meet their needs.

“We’re the main points of contact for our clients, so we see and hear about their problems directly,” said Williams. “Because of this, we’re able to clearly communicate what’s working, what’s not, and what needs enhancing to other Intapp teams. It’s pretty cool knowing that we help generate change within the company.”

The Client Success team also receives questions and feedbacks from clients via the DealCloud support channel. Through this channel, team members help resolve their clients’ issues and share best practices and their own expertise. They also ensure that their communications and interactions with clients are carefully and correctly recorded.

“It’s very important for us to keep client communications and data organized for historical context,” explained Williams. “For example, a client that you helped 2 months ago may reach back to you with a related question. Rather than have that client explain the issue again, we can just look at our database and figure it out ourselves.”

Learning from mistakes and relying on teams

Since joining DealCloud, Williams has learned a great deal about how to navigate and thrive in her role — and she hopes to share her new insights with others who are new to the workforce. One of her top pieces of advice is to be patient with yourself and to not worry if you don’t know how to solve a problem right away.

“Not every answer will be solved in a day,” Williams said. “Some things take time, and you’re not in control of every answer.”

Williams added: “Mistakes will happen, but don’t beat yourself up. Use your mistake as a learning opportunity, and share your lessons with others.”

Williams also encourages people not to be afraid to ask questions and to rely on the support of their teammates.

“Our team collaborates and communicates so much,” Williams said. “Whenever I was stressed or didn’t know an answer to something, my team was there for me. That’s what your teams for.”

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