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Key features to look for in an investment banking CRM

Complex market dynamics demand that modern-day investment bankers and M&A advisors be increasingly agile. Without the right tools and technology at their disposal, buyer identification is arduous, due diligence tends to be slower, and getting the deal to close is much harder. While not all generic CRM platforms may be able to diminish the concerns of investment bankers, DealCloud’s investment banking CRM empowers investment banking and advisory professionals to harness the cumulative intellectual capital of their people and processes. With the DealCloud platform, investment bankers get a single source of truth to help them manage relationships, execute deals, and easily connect with external solutions and third-party data providers such as Pitchbook, Preqin, FactSet, and others. DealCloud has a proven track record for transforming knowledge into actionable intelligence, making it the best CRM for investment bankers.

Centralized relationship and industry data management

Industries as complex as investment banking demand purpose-built investment banking CRM technology that’s easily configured to meet each firm’s unique needs. DealCloud is custom-fit for the complex relationships and transaction structures at those firms and adapts to the unique ways each firm works. With DealCloud’s Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook integrations, dealmakers have a comprehensive single source of truth and a 360 view when it comes to deal and relationship management.

Designed for the complex needs of investment banking firms, DealCloud offers investment banking solutions to help organizations drive growth, increase efficiency and profitability, operate with transparency, manage risk and compliance, and deliver client success. Investment banking teams can go to one place to find all their information and data and do it in half the time with double the accuracy. The implementation of an investment banking CRM or single-source technology system is also one way to greatly cut costs across all areas of their business.

Streamlined reporting and analytics through automation

Today’s most successful investment banking firms rely on reports and data analytics to inform their decision-making and strategy development. With transactions constantly evolving, dealmakers need real-time reports that help them zero in on the most time-sensitive and high-priority items. DealCloud unifies data, systems, and people with fully interactive reporting on your most important metrics, accessible anywhere, at any time. And since DealCloud was designed with the busy investment banker in mind, every dashboard, chart, graph, tearsheet, data sheet, and profile can be customized to meet each user’s preferences and interests.

As many investment bankers are operating from their home offices at this point in time, it’s more important than ever to have an investment banking CRM that supports banker efficiency and firm-wide transparency. It’s important for investment bankers to have the ability to take client data, organize it, and visualize everything in reports and dashboards that trusted members of their team can access at any time, from any device, and from any remote working location. Leveraging detailed dashboards in DealCloud’s investment banking CRM can help you streamline processes and workflows to run a sophisticated deal process from start to finish.

Integrated risk management and compliance

Today, mounting market forces are putting escalating demands on investment banks to transform the way they operate. They must ensure adherence to evolving, ever-stricter regulatory rules, compliance requirements, and professional standards. In response to these demands, firms leverage the DealCloud investment banking CRM’s suite of compliance solutions — to automate the process of checking for conflicts of interest at all stages of a deal, and to manage obligations in legal agreements such as NDAs, term sheets, LPAs, and side letters.

Investment bankers can accelerate conflicts resolution by streamlining critical risk-management activities within a unified deal, relationship, and compliance management platform. They can also gain visibility into increasingly complex and demanding deal terms by centralizing, streamlining, and indexing transaction-related and other documents all by leveraging DealCloud’s investment banking CRM.

DealCloud: the best CRM for investment banking

It’s time for investment banking professionals to accept the complexities of the industry and choose to leverage only those technologies that are squarely focused on helping move the needle. When leveraged properly, our investment banking CRM software and solutions enable professionals to get the job done right, more quickly, and with greater ease. At DealCloud, we have successfully implemented over 150 investment banks (such as Raymond James, Stephens, and Perella Weinberg Partners), and throughout that process our team has solved for many of the biggest pain points that these firms face. As a result, we’ve developed our investment banking CRM to enable these firms to optimize workflows, deal processes, and more. To learn more about the DealCloud platform, schedule a demo.