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Modern marketing tactics for financial services firms

To stay relevant and top of mind, modern capital markets firms need stronger, smarter, and more consistent digital marketing for financial services programs to place themselves inside the stories where deal professionals are already engaged. Best-in-class firms need to leverage the power of financial services marketing and use data-driven marketing programs powered by robust technology solutions that automate analytics, surface key learnings, and provide firmwide access to mission-critical information in order to succeed. Technology like DealCloud can help.

In today’s environment, accelerating your digital marketing for financial services alongside updating your CRM technology is more challenging than ever. We offer insights to inform how to build and implement successful marketing of financial services that generates business development opportunities, fosters strong relationships, drives new leads, and strengthens your firm’s brand.

Automated email marketing paired with CRM

With the capital markets industry becoming increasingly competitive, efficiency is paramount for all dealmakers. When your firm is operating out of a CRM and separate email marketing platform, your time probably isn’t being allocated in the most efficient way. Especially for marketing of financial services, an integrated marketing solution will generate the most success for your firm as a whole. 

DealCloud’s financial services marketing software, Dispatch, centralizes a capital markets firm’s business development and marketing activities into one, unified platform. In addition to viewing your automated email campaign activity, our financial services marketing software allows members of your marketing and business development team to create custom landing pages and web forms to track conversions and engagement (opens, clicks, etc.) Using an integrated financial services marketing solution like Dispatch allows you to deepen audience insights and provides a holistic view of relationships that will help your firm to identify and act on deals more rapidly. Together, these data points create a true single source of truth for all relationship intelligence. 

Using the Dispatch marketing platform can help your marketing and business development team drive new opportunities and nourish existing relationships in a scalable way. There are many actionable ways to use marketing technology to your competitive advantage today and using Dispatch can help you generate success.

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Custom landing pages with data tracking

For the modern capital markets firm, data should be the driving factor for all decisions – especially in the marketing of financial services. While many firms already have custom landing pages built out on their websites, integrated web plus data makes for more effective marketing of financial services and lead generation. Using DealCloud’s custom web page feature, Dispatch Pages, users can produce and launch web content directly from DealCloud. This means custom-tailored content for landing pages and web forms, accessible through Dispatch, built from scratch or from saved templates within the platform. Once landing pages or web forms are deployed, all submissions and inputs received flow directly into DealCloud, streamlining the way new information is gathered and distributed into the system. With Dispatch Pages,  you will have an instant, inside look into activity on each page and incoming deals.  

Below are a few examples of what landing pages and web forms from Dispatch Pages can do:

  • Encourage prospects to  register for an event
  • Gather details for downloadable content
  • Drive attention to a new strategy or solution
  • Initiate contact with an interested investor

Dispatch makes it simple to design and launch new and customized pages directly to the web from DealCloud, enabling marketers to get even more out of their firm’s data than ever before. The new information obtained from these forms integrates seamlessly with the campaigns, events, and relationships already in motion. This level of connectivity can be an invaluable asset for any size firm looking to leverage the eye-opening insights that the flexibility and interactivity of DealCloud provides.

For firms that don’t want to transfer their pages to Dispatch, it is still important to add tracking tools like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics to your site’s backend. Whether you are using Dispatch Pages or another analytics tool, it’s imperative that webpages are updated regularly to track the most up-to-date data.

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One-page data reports that include global data sets 

Today’s most successful capital markets firms rely on reports and data analytics to inform their decision-making and strategy development. With transactions constantly evolving, dealmakers need real-time reports that help them zero in on the most time-sensitive and high-priority items. If your firm isn’t leveraging real-time reporting capabilities, you could be missing out on opportunities in the market that could lead to marketing and business development opportunities.

DealCloud DataCortex is an integrated data solution that allows dealmakers to manage proprietary and third-party data such as Pitchbook, FactSet, Preqin and others in one unified platform – and more importantly, empowers capital markets firms to transform their data into institutional knowledge. The reports generated through DataCortex are customizable, meaning that they can be formatted to serve the needs of any of your stakeholders from analysts to executives.

By orienting your key decision-making activity around a combination of both proprietary data, third-party data, and marketing analytics, you can find the most success. 

DealCloud unifies data, systems, and people with fully interactive reporting on your most important metrics, accessible anywhere, at any time. And since DealCloud was designed with the busy dealmaker in mind, every dashboard, chart, graph, tearsheet, datasheet, and profile can be customized to meet each user’s preferences and interests.

Using the data accessed through DataCortex along with the marketing analytics provided by Dispatch, you can better inform marketing decisions and use email marketing to your competitive advantage today

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Marketing in financial services: Modernizing your firm’s marketing efforts 

To succeed, modern capital markets professionals must embrace the modern way of marketing financial services as well as the technology behind it. Using the data available in Dispatch, Dispatch Pages, and DataCortex, you will be able to leverage data and reporting to inform marketing decisions. Because financial professionals have unique and specific needs, they also face challenges when it comes to digital marketing and content marketing of financial services. Using one unified marketing automation platform will enable you to operate more efficiently, gain deeper insights, and create business development opportunities. 

To learn more about DealCloud, as well as our email marketing tool, Dispatch, and our third-party data solution, DataCortex, schedule a demo today.