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Product Release: Fall 2019 Updates and Enhancements

DealCloud is intently focused on delivering valuable support and innovative solutions to our growing client base (now over 700 and counting worldwide). We do this by constantly enhancing our platform’s capabilities and by listening closely to the messages that come to us from our clients across the globe.

To this end, we’ve held more client appreciation events globally, with gatherings of DealCloud users in recent months in Hong Kong, London, and across the United States and Canada. At these events, we’ve heard positive feedback about what DealCloud can already do, as well as feedback that will help shape the platform in the years to come.

Today we proudly announce our Fall 2019 product release updates and enhancements. In this release, we’ve added subtle but impactful updates to the DealCloud platform user interface, including new ways to visualize key data sets.

With the recent improvements to the user interface within the DealCloud platform, users can now configure pivot and detail grid data in a larger display that’s easy to read.

In addition to enhancing the data sets available to clients from Preqin, we’ve also super-charged DealCloud’s fully integrated marketing solution, Dispatch, with new landing page and web form capabilities. A full breakdown of the new functionality embedded within DealCloud Dispatch can be found here.

Dispatch now makes it simple to design and launch new and customized pages directly to the web from DealCloud, enabling marketers to get even more out of their firm’s data than ever before.

Clients interested in learning more about this most recent product release should visit DealCloud University, where they can find detailed product documentation, listen to a recording of one of our live web trainings pertaining to this release, watch hours of “how-to” videos, and much more.

Those who are not yet clients of DealCloud should either click here to learn more about our platform, or contact a member of our team to learn more about these updates and enhancements, as well as our product roadmap.