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Three must-have property management software features for real estate investors

As the real estate market continues to change rapidly, real estate investors must remain agile to stay relevant in the fast-paced and highly competitive industry. The right technology is critical to investor success, especially when it comes to analyzing and managing data.


Property management software has become an essential part of commercial real estate investors meeting their various goals. By using best-in-class technology solutions, investors can easily manage pipelines and relationships with brokers, contractors, and developers, as well as maintain coverage of assets, industries, and strategies across geographies. Learn which features of property management software will best enable you to visualize pipelines, discover new properties, and streamline reporting.


Visualize pipelines and properties

Whether on the road or at construction sites, real estate investors are almost always on the go, and they rarely have time to search through emails, files, or property images. Real estate investors can find this information quickly and easily by investing in cloud-based property management software that serves as a centralized location for all property data, allowing team members to access and edit data in real time from wherever they are. During a site visit, real estate investors, can upload images directly to their cloud-based property management software from their mobile devices, allowing them to visualize their pipelines and properties and share that information with team members in other locations.


                              Carousel View (Web Interface)                                      



Upload (Mobile Interface)


Using DealCloud’s web or mobile interface, real estate investors can browse images within a single widget on the same dashboard that displays all other relevant details for the property.


Real estate investors who need to quickly navigate and update their deal and property pipeline by status need property management software that offers a seamless user experience. Property management software should help real estate investors visualize and organize their properties, pipelines, and tasks as well as drive efficiency across the entire organization.



With DealCloud, users can organize every property or deal they’re evaluating by stage or status, and easily move deals through their process with a simple drag-and-drop interface.


Discover properties via maps

Using property management software, real estate investors can evaluate their own properties and deals alongside vital demographic information on the surrounding neighborhoods, including income and population statistics. When evaluating a property, real estate investors need to understand important attributes of the area and determine the strength of an investment. Rather than navigating between disparate data and intelligence sources, investors can make these evaluations directly within their property management software.



In DealCloud, real estate investors can perform a full property analysis from a map using the pin popover.


Relying on metropolitan statistical area (MSA) data in a grid no longer provides sufficient details for real estate investors. Instead, investors need to be able to immediately view properties on a map, or search for comparable sales within a certain radius that have similar criteria to the target property. Property management software lets investors perform these tasks and, ultimately, accelerate the deal origination and business development function within a real estate investment management firm.



In DealCloud, users can filter by property type and status, and limit their search results to include only properties within a certain physical radius of the target property.


Real estate investors should also be able to define which data is reflected in the software’s visualizations, and customize how different firm members view those visualizations. Real estate investors can explore all properties or known companies within DealCloud and determine which are most relevant to their search. The software also allows firms to restrict certain deal teams from accessing sensitive data or limit access to deal-specific information. It all depends on the firm’s unique needs.




In DealCloud, users can customize data (e.g., images, demographics, transaction details) visualizations by hovering over a pin.


With the ability to organize properties by latitude and longitude, real estate investors can also leverage their property management software to accurately track locations that lack a permanent address, such as plots of land.


Streamline real estate investment analysis into a single report

If investors are unfamiliar with a geographic market, they’ll need to educate themselves on the area’s details and history before attending key meetings. Property management software often includes occupancy and demographic data from top data sources like Preqin, FactSet, PitchBook, and S&P Global Market Intelligence. Key data appears alongside dashboards outlining the deal pipeline and portfolio, allowing real estate investors to inform an investment thesis, originate and close deals, and monitor portfolios. Real estate investors can also view proprietary data alongside rich U.S. geographical attributes from Esri, including total population and median income.



With Esri data in DealCloud, users can layer area attributes onto a map to show key facts, including income, population, and other demographics.


Using property management software, real estate investors can find key information about the most relevant comparable properties based on geography and characteristics. By leveraging this software, investors can filter data and navigate around the map to easily see all known properties and learn additional details about each one.



In DealCloud, users can scroll through a list of cards to learn more about an entire group of entries, continuing their analysis seamlessly in a single report. Users can interact with cards by hovering over and clicking them, highlighting the corresponding pin to easily display each card’s property location.


Real estate investors need property management software that lets them centralize all property data in one place as well as sort, navigate, and pull the data they need in a matter of seconds. With purpose-built property management software, investors can accelerate data discovery, improve institutional knowledge sharing, and track deal pipeline updates.


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